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The ACS Network -- It's all about you

The ACS Network -- It's all about you

So now that you are on the ACS Network, let's talk about the features which help you promote yourself.

As I mentioned in a previous post, you can access your profile page by clicking on your name that appears under the ACS logo in the upper left.

link to profile.png

You can always access your profile from this link wherever you are in the ACS Network.

Once you get to your profile, you may see a line of text underneath your name.


If you have never updated it, it will say "Let others know what you you're up to".  If you click on that text, it will give you a box where you type in your current status.

So what good is this? Well, you might want to include something that says "I'm at the ACS National Meeting" or "I'm working on an NSF Grant"  or "I'm looking for ...(insert item)".  This little update can be something that starts a conversation or a connection and that's what the Network is all about.

In addition, to your status updates, there is a wealth of information that you can present in your profile to help connect with others.  The information now listed in your profile (proper) include your location,  your years of experience, your career stage, area of expertise, profile summer (interests, etc.) and if you are an ACS Member, your local section and technical division membership. Some of this information is automatically populated through your ACS record, and others are things you should consider entering. Remember the Actions box has a link to edit your profile, and there is box above it to change your ACS record.

Finally, the Actions box also contains a link to editing your profile photo and avatar (the image that appears beside your social content).  You can upload up to four profile pictures and you may create (but only use) one avatar.  The interface will allow you upload and crop your photo as you choose.  And yes, I will be uploading my profile picture soon.

Your status update, your profile picture, your name, and city, state, and country are visible to anyone, but the remainder of the information is only visible to other ACS Network members.  This means that this basic profile may appear on search engines, e.g. Google.

I think this is a good start on information about your profile. I'll go into more depth into promoting yourself in my next blog post.


Hi, this was useful for my understanding of what the "status" is for, thanks.