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Things you can do in the ACS Network

Things you can do in the ACS Network

Many people ask about the features they can do in the Network. This document is evolving so I recommend selecting "Receive email notifications" in the Actions box to eceive email alerts about updates.


  • Create your own Network homepage with widgets to allow you to see the content that most interests you.



  • Start a discussion. This discussion can be in a forum or in group. It can be open, or you can have a private discussion between the users you want to include.
  • Collaborate on a documents. Documents can be created in a group or forum, or you can create a private document that only a select number of people can see.
  • Upload a document. Most file can be uploaded and many of them (Word docs, Power point slides, and PDFs) appear right there in the browser. You can add comments right on the image of the document or comment below.
  • Write a document online. You can compare the different versions of the document as you go through edits, and revert to an older version, if necessary.



  • Create an idea and allow users to vote on it. Great for prioritizing groups of ideas.



  • Make a friend. The friend connection is only made when both parties consent.
  • See your friend's friends. You can then invite these people to be your friend as well.
  • Follow your friends' activity with a widget on your personalized home page.
  • Tag and sort your friend. This allows you to organize your list of friends.
  • Email your friends



  • Receive email notifications on Forum, group, individual documents, discussions or people.
  • Respond to email notifications from your email client without logging in.



  • Create a social group and control who can be in it:
    • a private group means that someone needs an invitation to see the content and participate in the group
    • a secret group is the same as a private group except that it does not show up on the list of groups unless a user has access to it
    • a members-only group allows anyone to see the group, but they have to join it in order to participate
    • an open group is open to any in the Network (must be logged in).
  • Customize the home page of the group with widgets


On the Go:

  • Access the ACS Network via a web-based app for iOS, Android, and Blackberry mobile devices.
  • Create content via email. Create documents and discussions by sending the content via email to a specific address.
  • Respond to email notifications and have replies automatically appear the discussion thread.