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Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Bookmarks

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Bookmarks

  1. You can bookmark any content within the Network or on the Internet. You can add notes to your bookmarks (e.g., This site is a great resource for....) and tags (e.g., chemical_demonstration).  Adding notes and tags will help others find your bookmarks when they search the ACS Network.
  2. Bookmarks can be marked as private or you can elect to share them with others.  Other users can bookmark, add comments and "Like" your bookmarks.

  3. Bookmarks that you share will show up in the Recent Content widget.  You will receive email alerts when others add comments to bookmarks that you create or comment on.

  4. You can install an  "Add to ACS Network" button to your browser by clicking on the Bookmark link on the Your Stuff dropdown. This will allow you to bookmark and discuss any site on the web. Also, look for the Share to ACS Network link at the bottom of pages to bookmark content.

  5. Bookmarks that you share can be found by search engines such as Google. Users don’t need to be logged in to view your bookmarks but they must log in to add comments.

Mark -- Is there a way to share a bookmark or link with a private group?  There are some C&EN articles, a couple videos (on the ACS web site and others) and a couple other things that I would like to share specifically with the CCPA group on the network.

This is a great question. 

Yes, you can add bookmarks to your group page.   As the group owner, you will see the Customize Link on the Overview tab.  Click the Customize link and then select "Other" from the list of widget types.  Next, choose the Recent Bookmark widget and drag it on to your group page. Once it's on your page, select Edit Widget using the widget controls in the upper right hand corner.    The widget controls will allow you to specify specific tags to identify the bookmarks that you want to display.  

In your case, I would suggest that you include "CCPA" in the list of tags.  After that, any bookmark that includes CCPA will populate in the widget.    See the recent bookmark widget on as an example of how this works.  (tags used include: national_meeting, anaheim, denver.