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Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Groups

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Groups

  1. Groups can be set up as Open, Members Only, Private or Secret.  Content posted in open and member only groups can be seen by all network users.  Members must join member only groups to post content or participate in discussions.    Content posted in private and secret groups can only been seen by members of the group.  Private groups are listed on the group directory; secret groups are not. Group content includes, Alerts, Discussions, Documents, Blogs, Videos, Ideas and Polls.
  2. Any ACS Network user can start or join a group.  Private and Secret Group owners control who can join the group.
  3. Each group has its own unique URL (***)  You can publicize your group by including the Group URL on your webpage, newsletters and email signatures.  
  4. You can access all of your groups from the “Your Stuff” dropdown.  You can sort the list of your groups by name or latest activity.
  5. You can follow your group activity via email.  Select  “Receive email notifications” from the Actions box in each groupto get email alerts when new content is posted. You can participate in group discussions by replying to your email.

I have a couple questions about setting up a private group on the network for an ACS committee:

If I set up the group, am I the owner and/or administrator?  Can those roles be re-assigned when I am no longer on that committee?

Yes, the role of group owner and administrator can be changed.  The current group administrators can  designate new administrators or you can contact me, if necessary and I can update the group ownership.