Update on recent upgrade - Dec 2017

Update on recent upgrade - Dec 2017

It has been about a month since the last upgrade of the ACS Network and we are still working a few of the bugs out. Here is an update as to what is outstanding:

  1. Email Digests: We are still trying to get our email digests to look like they come from the ACS. We realized that the return email address (Jive acs@jiveon.com) was showing, but we were able to change that to the ACS Network and communities@acs.org today.  We are still working to get an ACS header and footer to appear in the email as well. 
  2. Photoalbums: As you may know, photoalbums  no longer exist in the Network. Instead, there will be photo collections which are associated with specific groups or forums. Anything in a photo album prior to the upgrade is still not showing (i.e. the photos are there but you can't get to them). Our development team is working on a process to expose them, but they are going slowly to make sure we get all the information needed in order to move them into the new photo collections. Some of that work may be manual, but we expect to start seeing these old photos soon.

The Curriculum Vitae (your list of publications, experience, and education) are still part of the profile but appear under the "More" menu.  The Edit ACS Profile, also under More, is where you would change your email address or opt out of the Network.


Finally, if you are a group owner/admin, check out New Feature - Bulk Manage Content

We appreciate your patience and support of the ACS Network as it evolves. This last upgrade involved some major changes in the background software, but we are confident it will be the best solution (for the time being). As always, let us know if you have questions or concerns.