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Upgraded - Changes to your ACS Network Profile

Upgraded - Changes to your ACS Network Profile

As part of the recent upgrade of the ACS Network, you may notice some significant changes to your profile.

The first change is the appearance of your profile. You will notice a very significant layout change which presents the most important information about you.


As a way to improve the Network, we have created a new Curriculum Vitae app, which allows us to group these three types of content together in way that make sense. This customization allows our users to better build out their online CV which was the one of the original intents of the ACS Network. Having the CV app separate from the profile also results in some efficiencies as we continue to updgrade the Network.


You can access the Curriculum Vitae from your main profile page:


It can also be accessed through several other places including the personal pulldown menu which appears when you click on your name in the upper left corner of the page and under the Apps menu.

In order to put this new application in place, we had to migrate all of the old education, experience, and publications data. You may have noticed that your education, experience, and publication data may have been updated or that you received notifications of profile updates for users that follow. This was an automated process and should not have changed any of the data.

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