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Where's My Stuff?

Where's My Stuff?

As I mentioned last week (see Upgraded for 2012 - ACS Network 3.0), the ACS Network user interface has changed fairly dramatically. In some ways it is easier to use, but if you have been a regular Network user, you may need some hints on where to find your stuff. As usual, there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Before I begin, it helps to understand these definitions:

  • Places = Groups, Forums, sub-forums.  Groups are sometimes referred to as "Social Groups". (You may see a reference to spaces. We call spaces forums in the ACS network.)
  • Content = discussions, documents, blogs, ideas, video, polls.

How to find your stuff:

1. The top bar of the Network has a link to Browse. You can then select whether you want to browse content, people, places, or bookmarks. This should take you to a page which will allow you to filter to allow you to find your content or places.  (Click on image to expand it.)


2. If you go to your profile (click on your Name next to welcome).

It should pull up a profile and from there you can take a look at your groups or your content. Again these are filterable.


How can I get to my groups faster?

These two ways are work well but they do require a few clicks.

I've thought about two ways that you can get to your groups faster.

1. You can bookmark the groups, forums, or other content you want get to quickly, especially if you have one particular group that you need to get to.

2. Once you start following groups, content, or people, notifications should start appearing in your "What Matters: Activity" stream.  I'll devote an entire post to "What Matters", but in simple terms, it is a way that recent content that is most important to you is brought to your attention. Your groups and content should be available through that if there is anything new. If you are curious, I recommend you click on the "What Matters" icons to access more information on them.

(Click on image to expand it.)


If anyone else has a different way to find their stuff, let us all know. The Network platform is a complex and powerful tool, so we are all learning how it works.

Happy New Year!


       Good  day,  Christine  Brennan  Schidt.                                                                                       It  is  really  good  work.     I  can   restore  my  document   about  Nanotechnology,  used  ACS  Network 3.0.  Where  is  My  Stuff? -  Now,  it  is  no   problem.                                                        Best  Regards,  Sergey.