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Your ACS Network Profile

Your ACS Network Profile

*Note - You may click on images to enlarge

You can access your profile by clicking on your avatar, or the down arrow in the upper right hand corner of the page.


From the hover menu you can access your content, places, main profile and preferences.


Users can access their occupation, expertise, ACS activities and more through their main profile.

Edit your main profile

The "Edit Profile" link will take you to a form which will allow you to manage your profile and privacy.



You can set the privacy of each of your profile fields under the "Privacy" tab . Test out your settings by previewing your profile as different types of users using the tool on the right hand side of the page.


Education, Experience, and Publications can be submitted using the links found by clicking on the "Actions" icon (next to your avatar on the top right of the page). They are listed under the curriculum vitae and are only visible to users who are logged onto the ACS Network. Privacy for CV's cannot be changed.


Avatars are updated under the "Avatar" tab. Up to three different avatars are allowed. You can upload your own images or select one of the avatars provided.



Photos are updated under the "Photos" tab. Up to ten different photos are allowed.


Hovering over a user's name displays a mini-profile. Clicking on a users name will link to their full profile page.