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Calling all chemistry teachers!

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As I mentioned last week, IYC will be here before we know it, and now is a great time to start thinking about fun activities to generate interest in chemistry throughout our communities. This week I’d like to send out a special note to teachers of chemistry, at all levels, from around the world, who will play a critical role in the global efforts to spread the word about IYC!

As you begin to plan your own activities, I’d like to share with you, from time to time, some great opportunities to get involved in activities and events that are being planned around the country and around the world – particularly those which are web-based and free of charge.

Today I’d like to let you know about a great web-based activity, developed by an ACS member from Valdosta University, which is open to students (as well as non-students) of all levels who would like to join in on the fun. Team registration is now open for the event – the First Annual Periodic Puzzle Competition, an online game which resembles Sudoku, but is based on the periodic table of the elements. 

The competition will take place in March, 2010, and several teams from around the world have already registered.  Middle and high school teachers and professors of undergraduate chemistry are encouraged to help organize student teams.  This is a great warm-up to future events which will take place during the International Year of Chemistry in 2011.  Find out more, and register your team today!

And once again, please feel free to comment here or email your IYC ideas directly to ACS.  Thanks for your input!