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Hello everyone;

I got my Master's degree recently, and have about 8 months free before I could apply for the PhD degree.

I was searching the net for any scholarships or short programs I could take during this period, but it looks like I'm late!

Can anyone help me? I want to do something useful; anything, anywhere... I'm Syrian and looking for an international scholarship please!



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Re: Scholarships?

Hello May, thanks for contacting us. A good way to fill this gap is with a short-term international exchange program. When and where does your PhD program start? You can take a look at this page of the ACS International Center, with information about US programs/scholarships for international students. Or, Fulbright Scholars Program routinely has information for students specifically from Syria for graduates and postdoctoral students.

Unfortunately, most funding agencies require at least a 6 month lead time in order to review and approve applications for specific programs. However, if you wanted to take a portion of your PhD abroad, one program that comes to mind is the CNPq PhD Sandwich in Brazil. You could also try an international exchange program after your PhD, in which case you'd want to look at the programs for Postdoc and Senior Academic at ACS.

If you still have questions, you can contact us at with more specific details about your interests, and we can try to put you in touch with someone who has more information.


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Re: Scholarships?

Thank you Julia so much, and I'm sorry it took me some time to respond...

I haven't submitted to the PhD program yet, I'm still waiting for my Master's papers to be done. The submission should be in March and the result, accepted or not, in late April. I don't think I will start right away, I have about 6 months before final registration. If I could find a university and a scholarship in US for PhD... that would be marvelous. but I'm content if I could find a short-term international exchange program, as you said.

I actually searched in ACS international Center, but didn't find any thing for Syrian student. I also looked at Fulbright with the same problem. I think I'm searching the wrong way, if there's such thing.... but I seem to bump into dead ends wherever I look!

Anyway ,thanks again for your help , and if you have ANY advice I'm all ears.

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