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Dear ACS Members,

Our Consortium which included 13 partners (9 partners from MS countries (Czech, France. Germany and Spain) and 4 partners from ICCP countries (Armenia. Russia. Ukraine and Uzbekistan) selected following topics of FP7 Work Programme 2013 for presentation of proposals (;efp7_SESSION_ID=hKF7Q7YMT6N81TGtpB...

Area 2.3.2. Marine and freshwater biotechnology (blue biotechnology)

  1. KBBE.2013.3.2-02: The CO2 algae biorefinery

Area 2.3.3. Industrial biotechnology: novel high added-value bio-products and bio-processes

  1. KBBE.2013.3.3-01: Support for demonstrating the potential of biotechnological applications

Area 2.3.4


  1. KBBE.2013.3.4-01: Preventing and valorising bio-waste in biorefineries
  2. KBBE.2013.3.3-03: Opening markets for bio-based products:

Standardisation, labelling and procurement

Area 2.3.6 KBBE.2013.3.6-01: Novel bio - inspired materials and processes

Emerging trends in biotechnology

  1. KBBE.2013.3.6-02: Synthetic Biology towards applications69

Call: FP7-KBBE-2013-7 – single stage

  1. ENV.2013.6.3-1 Turning waste into a resource through innovative

technologies, processes and services – FP7-ENV-2013-two-stage

  1. ENV.2013.WATER INNO&DEMO-1 Water innovation demonstration

projects – FP7-ENV-2013-WATER-INNO-DEMO

  1. ENV.2013.WATER INNO&DEMO-2 Ensuring the integration of water and

innovation demonstration projects and support to trans-national networks

of procurers – FP7-ENV-2013-WATER-INNO-DEMO

ENV 2013.6.2-1 Water resources management under complex, multistressor conditions

  1. ENV.2013.6.2-2 Toxicants,environmental pollutants and land and water resources management

At present time we seek R&D and for demonstration activity - industrial partners of large scale manufacturing. The FP7 granted 50 % of cost for demonstration activity as well as such cooperation decrease the risk of further commercialization.

I look forward on our cooperation.

Respectively yours

  1. Armen Avagyan

President of R&I Centre of PO, FA and PAC

Expert of EU FP7 program (EX2002B031849), Expert of EU International Cooperation program ERA-Net, Expert of Council of Chemistry and Petrochemistry of CIS countries, Member of American Chemical Society.


Laureate of “The International Presidents Award for Iconic Achievement”, “Top 100 Professionals of 2010” (International Biographical Centre), "The Albert Einstein Award for Excellence -2011" (Top 50 Geniuses of World, American Biographical Institute, 2011).

  Personal data: “Marquis "Who's Who in World” (USA, NJ, Berkeley Heights, 2009-2013, ed. 27- 31, VIP  no. 34708584), “2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century” (International Biographical Centre, England, Cambridge, 2010), "Great Minds of the 21st Century" (American Biographical Institute, USA, NC, Raleigh, 2011), Springer Science+Business Media, Inc., Germany,