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Potential job opportunity at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Propellants Branch, Edwards AFB, CA

The Propellants Branch of the Air Force Research Laboratory Rocket Propulsion Division, known as the AFRL Rocket Lab, at Edwards AFB, is seeking information on qualified candidates who are interested in potential employment opportunities, as described below.   U. S. citizenship is required; candidates.  Interested candidates may send a CV (including a clear indication of U. S. citizenship status) to

Job Specifics:  Serves as Principal Investigator and research chemist exercising technical leadership and scientific responsibility for research and development efforts to expand the state of the art in materials technology for liquid rocket engine and solid rocket motor materials and components.  Conducts investigative studies and serves as a specialist and Air Force expert in chemistry with a strong emphasis on surface and interface science, nano materials, chemical synthesis, analytical chemistry, and physical chemistry.  Provides guidance and performs tasks as needed to safely equip and maintain research laboratories for conducting required experiments.  Reviews and analyzes literature and research programs throughout the world.  Maintains awareness of current, relevant technologies and their potential to meet emerging Department of Defense needs.  Actively develops, curates, and markets grant and project proposals for new and continuing research in chemistry and nanomaterial technologies that meet AFRL Rocket Lab needs.   Prepares briefings and presentations for research sponsors, AFRL Rocket Lab management, research and development customers, and industrial and academic partners describing relevant background, progress, resource requirements, and payoff aspects of research activities.  Prepares and presents research at DoD, national, and international meetings.  Publishes research in peer-reviewed technical literature.  Represents the AFRL Rocket Lab in coordinating research with industry, academia, and other government agencies.  Evaluates research and development activities to assess technical merit, relevance to Department of Defense needs, and realism of resource requirements. Mentors and advises research interns and students at levels ranging from high school to post-doctoral fellowship recipients.  Educational Requirements: Ph. D. in Chemistry or nano-materials degree from an accredited school.

About the AFRL Rocket Lab:  The AFRL Rocket Lab at Edwards AFB, part of the Aerospace Systems Directorate, is an AFRL center of technical excellence for rocket engines and motors, satellite propulsion, fuels and propellants, and systems analysis.  The center’s unique test assets, spread over 65 square miles of the Mojave Desert, played a key role in the development of the E-1, F-1, and H-1 engines for the Saturn V rocket that took people to the Moon.  Numerous other rocket and missile systems, such as Atlas, Minuteman, Peacekeeper, and Titan, have all been test fired in the Division’s 30 major active areas and test stands.  The Advanced Materials Group within the Propellants Branch maintains a robust basic and applied chemistry and materials research capability in order to discover revolutionary technologies and provide relevant support for the AFRL Rocket Lab.

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