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Potential job opportunity at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Propellants Branch, Edwards AFB, CA

Potential job opportunity at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Propellants Branch, Edwards AFB, CA

The Air Force Research Laboratory’s Rocket Propulsion Division (AFRL/RQR), located at Edwards AFB, CA, seeks to fill the position of Propellant Process Engineer within the Propellants Branch.  The ideal candidate has multidisciplinary experience in chemical process engineering and chemical characterization, especially polymer-centric, and will have a record of technology development and leadership.  The position is interdisciplinary and could be filled by individuals with a variety of educational and experiential backgrounds.  Applications will be accepted until 31 March 2020. 

JOB DESCRIPTIONServes as Propellant Formulator of the Propellants Branch, Rocket Propulsion Division. Leads the development of propellant formulation utilizing state-of-the-art ingredients, binders, and processing techniques. Directs research within own team, coordinates with other teams, and influences the technical direction of research, development, and implementation efforts across Division, Directorate, AFRL, other DoD, and Government laboratories. Proactively seeks business opportunities in the form of cross directorate, cross-laboratory, or Government to industry initiatives leading to dramatic improvements in warfighter capabilities for tactical, strategic and space mission assurance. Develops and coordinates technology development of advanced liquid and solid propellants to meet the needs of the warfighter through integrated demonstration and transition plans for in-house, academic, and contracted applied research and technology demonstrations.

TO APPLY:  Interested AFRL candidates should apply by submitting an email to Dr. Joseph Mabry, at  Please include "Propellant Process Engineer” in the subject line of your email. In the body of the email, provide your name, current pay plan-series-grade, current position title, office symbol, phone number, e-mail address and attach a brief resume.  A sample resume format is included at the end of this announcement.  For further details regarding the duties of this position, please contact Dr. Joseph Mabry, AFRL/RQR, at