US Chemistry Teachers Needed for E learning Site

US Chemistry Teachers Needed for E learning Site


My name is DeSitaa Lipscomb, I'm a Casting Producer for the website, which is a website that features articles and videos providing information on a wide variety of subjects---anything from how to kick a soccer ball, to how to file your taxes and everything in between. The website is the 11th most popular website in the US and its videos receive more than 130 million unique views per month. At the moment I’m working on some how-to videos on

Chemistry Teacher Activities in the Kitchen , Mass & Weight in the Classroom, Black Hole Games and a few other related subjects. I wanted to see if you would be interested in working with us on these videos.There is no cost to you to participate in these projects. In exchange for appearing on camera, you and your company will receive credit at the beginning of each video and the videos can be used on your website and social media sites for your promotion.

What we would need is someone to appear on camera and answer some questions on these projects. Each project has anywhere from 10-30 videos that must be anywhere from 1-4 minutes in length, depending on the topic of the video. Each shoot will take approximately 1.5 to 4 hours. You can do as many shoots as you'd like, and if you'd like to start with just one to try it out and see how it works for you, that would be fine. Here are the types of videos that we would be filming: f

Please let me if you're interested in participating in these projects. Thanks!

If you think you would be great for this? Please send me an email to with the following:

Full Name: City, State, Zip: Email address: Link to Bio, resume, or one-sheet (or attach to email): Link to sample video of you: Link to Pictures or Video of proposed filming location (or attach to email) (we come to you to film):

Thanks, below are the videos that will be needed please contact if interested

10 vids

    •    Chemistry Teacher Activities in the Kitchen

    •    Mass & Weight in the Classroom

    •    Black Hole Games

    •    Instructions on Making a Flagpole for a School Science Project

    •    Investigatory Projects for 12th Grade Chemistry Class

    •    Intermediate Science Activities

    •    Ninth Grade Science Project Ideas With Eggs and Cotton Balls

    •    Science Project for Twelfth Grade on Adhesives

    •    How to Make Index Cards for Anatomy and Physiology Classes

    •    What You Need to Make a Physical Model of the Solar System


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Casting Producer

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