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2019-07-05 - Career Resources

2019-07-05 - Career Resources

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Career Resources

Career Development Resources:

A Top Priority.
(From Goal 3 in the ACS Puget Sound Section's Mission/Vision Statement)

The Puget Sound Section is committed to your career growth and intends to support the career development of the membership by providing information and opportunities about:
 - current, social and networking events
 - career development resources
 - job and volunteer opportunities.

The Puget Sound Sections hosts a Career Event each year (usually held in February) at a local business or governmental facility.  These events present great opportunities to see the scope of the activities of the hosting organizations.  Keep an eye on our Events Calendar or the Career Event webpage for details regarding the next event.

ACS Career Resources

ACS Career Navigator

ACS Salary Data

Job Postings (C&EN Jobs)

ACS Careers Page

Find a Job

ACS Personal Career Consulting

ACS Leadership Development System


King County Internships
Washington Conservation Corps
Ecology Youth Corps

ACS PSS Volunteer Opportunities

You can develop skills and abilities in a volunteer position with the ACS Puget Sound Section that are useful in your professional career.  Contact us to learn how to get involved!

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