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Elections Info - PSS Executive Committee

Elections Info - PSS Executive Committee

ACS Puget Sound Section Executive Offices

The ACS Puget Sound Section has the following five positions of Executive Committee officers up for election (terms begin January 1st, 2020).  A brief description of the duties of each position is provided below.

Section Chair-Elect/Chair/Past-Chair  
(1 Year Term per Position – One open position for 2020 - 2022)
This is a three year commitment serving one year each as Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past-Chair. The duties vary slightly with each position.


 - attends Executive Committee meetings and facilitates meetings in the chair's absence
 - heads the program committee
 - attends the Leadership Institute training sponsored by ACS

Section Chair
 - prepares agenda and leads monthly Executive Committee meetings
 - appoints committee chairs
 - ensures timely completion of business tasks

 - attends Executive Committee meetings
 - provides support to the Chair, Chair-Elect, and the Executive Committee
 - completes annual report for previous year
 - leads the Nominating Committee

Secretary (1 Year Term – One open position for 2020)
The Secretary’s primary duties include
 - taking and distributing notes at Executive Committee meetings
 - creating and managing the election ballot and working with election Tellers to validate election results
 - submitting the election results and committee nominations to the national office.

Treasurer (1 Year Term – One open position for 2020)
The Treasurer’s primary duties include
 - preparing a monthly budget and managing the section's accounts
 - managing cash inflows and outflows
 - working with the finance committee to review the section's finances and prepare the annual budget
 - completing the financial section of the annual report.

Councilor Position 3 (3 Year Term – One open position for 2020-2022)
The Councilor’s primary duties include
 - representing the section at the two National meetings and serving on national committees
 - advising the chair, the Executive Committee, and other committee chairs
 - volunteering or be assigned to serve on section committees and subcommittees

Alternate Councilor Position 3 (3 Year Term – One open position for 2020 -2022)
The Alternate Councilor’s primary duties include
 - fulfilling the role of a councilor when the councilor is not available
 - attending the regional NORM meeting
 - volunteering or be assigned to serve on section committees and subcommittees.

Nominations and Elections Timeline
Call for nominations              April 1st  – August 31st
Voting (mail and online)         TBA
Election Validated                 TBA

Nominating Committee
Leonard J. Andrews, Nominations Committee Chair

David Patrick

David Munch
John Macklin
Jonathan Clark

Send your questions using this form:
ACS PSS Election Nominations and Comments Form