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Get Involved!

Get Involved!

You are invited to participate in the Puget Sound Local Section's activities!

There are many ways to get involved.  You can attend social events. You can sit in on Executive Committee meetings.  You can serve on the Executive Committee or lead a Sub-Committee.  You could even serve as the Chair of the Executive Committee!  You can volunteer to assist with the planning or the running of events.  You can bring your fancy, high-quality camera to section events and serve as the event photographer.  You can contribute remotely by providing ideas for events and constructive comments on how events might be improved in the future.  You can enhance the networking opportunities for others by attending an event.  You can provide technical and logistical help in a number of ways.  You can do a little or you can do a lot. 

You can support the American Chemical Society's strategic goals in many ways while volunteering with the Puget Sound Local Section.

The options are just about as boundless as your imagination!

Benefits to volunteering with the American Chemical Society:

Networking opportunities.

Social events.

Skill development (Leadership, event planning, managing budgets and finances, communication skills, etc.)

Resume material.

Find career advice.

Learn about the vast multitude of benefits that you get access to through your ACS membership (ACS Membership Benefits).

Feel good about contributing to your community!

And many other benefits as well.

How to Start

One great way to start is to send us a message and then attend an Executive Committee meeting (see the event calendar for dates).

Get Involved, Stay Involved - American Chemical Society