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ACS Speaker Directory - Common Questions

ACS Speaker Directory - Common Questions


Where can I find the link for the mini-grant submission?

If you have booked a speaker from the directory, please use the link ( to qualify for a mini-grant. 

How can I edit my speaker profile? 

Right now, it is not possible to edit your profile. Please email and we will grant you access to your speaker profile.
How can I find my profile or others’ profiles? 

Use the search bar at the top of the Speaker Directory page. Write the name of the speaker you are looking for, e.g., “Judy Giordan”. View results and click on the profile. 
How can I find a speaker focusing on a specific field – such as Agriculture? 

On the right side, you can find the “LABELS” currently used for the Directory. Click on the label you wish to access and view the list of speakers appearing.  
How can I find very specific topics, such as ‘antimicrobial’ or similar ‘topics’? 

Very specific topics are located in the "Tags” section of the directory.  
By clicking on "Tags” you can view pages of the current tags. If you already have a specific tag in mind, such as the ‘antimicrobial’ tag – you can either search for this tag in the “Tags” search bar, or in the Search bar appearing at the top of the page in the “ACS Speaker Directory” section. 
SEARCH: Search for speakers, labels, or tags in the search bar. 


: Located on the right side and explains certain fields. Example below.


 TAGS: Located on the right side. Author has put in specific tags for preciseness on certain topics.  



DisclaimerThe American Chemical Society (ACS) Speaker Directory (the “Directory”) offered here serves solely as an informational resource to connect ACS Local Sections with potential speakers. The individuals listed therein have self-identified and voluntarily joined the Directory. Inclusion in the Directory does not signify endorsement or recommendation by ACS. ACS bears no responsibility or liability for any listed speaker presentation or content in any format. Kindly be advised that the views expressed by the speakers may not align with ACS's core values. Users are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence before engaging with any listed speaker and are further advised to periodically review the Directory for updated and revised content.