ACS Local Sections Officer Insights May 2023

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Dear Local Section Leader,
The deadline for the new Local Section Member Engagement and Enhancement (LS-MEET) grant is quickly approaching. With just a few days left until May 31st, I urge all local sections to consider applying for this grant. This funding opportunity offers up to $2k to support community building efforts both within your local section and beyond. To learn more about the LS-MEET grant and how to apply, please read below.
Beth Lorsbach,
Chair, Local Section Activities Committee
Reminder to File and Send Annual Tax Returns
Attention all Local Sections and Division officers! If your accounting period follows a calendar year, your Form 990 returns are due on May 15th. Remember to file on time or request an extension to avoid penalties.
Local Sections and Divisions are affiliated organizations of ACS and are considered public charities. If you fail the public support test, do not file as a private foundation and contact ACS immediately!
A copy of your Form 990 must be sent to the ACS Tax Office at This is required per the ACS Governing Documents and your bylaws.
Beware of Phishing Attempts
Fradulent email (Phishing) scams targeting ACS Local Sections and Divisions persist, with reports from treasurers of fraudulent emails requesting electronic fund transfers, invoice payments, or urgent payments. These emails may appear authentic, with requests seeming to come from trusted ACS colleagues. To avoid falling victim to such scams, exercise caution when clicking links and be wary of emails requesting sensitive information or electronic fund transfers (EFT) requests. Look for clues to fraudulent requests, such as incorrect return email addresses, poor grammar, or misspellings.
As a preventative measure, it is recommended that local sections/divisions establish a two-step authorization/confirmation protocol. If you receive an email requesting a wire transfer, seek secondary confirmation of the request through another direct means of communication.
Unfortunately, such scams are expected to continue, and scammers will likely continue to evolve their methods and approaches. It is essential to remain vigilant and contact your IT security department if you suspect a fraudulent email. Do not initiate contact with the sender of an identified fraudulent email. If you receive a suspected email targeting your local section or division, forward it to
More information about phishing and cybercrime may be found here: 

LSAC is proud to announce the launch of the ACS Speaker Directory, a new resource for our component group leaders to access a wide range of speakers for their in-person, hybrid, and asynchronous events. The directory provides users with access to over 500 speakers who are available to present technical science talks, lead career development & professional advancement presentations, explore general interest, popular science topics, and more. LSAC is actively recruiting interested speakers to join the directory. This member benefit is open to all ACS members who want to share their passion for chemistry, gain visibility and grow their professional networks. Users may access the directory at


Does your Local Section need funding that can be used for specific events, ongoing programming, and purchase of technology or materials? Potential new funding opportunities may include targeted events to communities of local chemists who are not currently involved in the local section, i.e., schoolteachers, industrial chemists, or creating events to bring local section members together outside of efforts funded under programs such as the LSAC Science Café or IPG. Learn more and apply.
Did you know as an ACS member you can serve on an ACS Committee as part of your Membership? Choose topics based on your passion and interests from Science Education and Public Policy to Professional Development, Public Outreach, STEM, DEIR (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect) and MORE. With 30+ Society Committees to choose from, there is something for everyone. The Committee Preference Form opens on April 3 and closes on July 3. 


The Committee on Chemists with Disabilities has dedicated matching grant funds for regional and local events to encourage event coordinators to implement accommodations for participants. This can be initiated by sending an email to and we encourage coordinators of regional and local ACS events and programs to contact us!
Connect With Your Local Chemistry Community at ACS Regional Meetings!
ACS Regional Meetings feature excellent technical programs, poster sessions, expositions, and social events, giving attendees an opportunity to network with their peers and stay up to date on current research in their locality. Discounted early registration is now open!
We hope to see you at one (or more) of the ACS Regional Meetings!
Time is running out! Last chance to register
Didn't have an opportunity to take the course, Transforming Microaggressions in Microinclusions? Now is your last chance! More sessions have been added. These last virtual sessions will be held through the summer, wrapping with two live in-person sessions during ACS Fall 2023 in San Francisco.
Register for the wait list to attend a live session in San Francisco.
Over 90% of attendees say they would recommend this session to a friend or colleague. Learn actionable methods to identify microaggressions and intervene as an ally.
ACS Board Working Group on Structure and Representation
A Vote and a Voice for International Members, the Petition to Add International Representation to the Board of Directors
The ACS Board Working Group on Structure and Representation is continuing their efforts to add international representation to the Board of Directors. These efforts seek to provide international members a vote and a voice on the Board and will provide additional global perspective in Board strategic efforts.
Read more.


The third edition of the Legal Resource Manual, effective February 1, 2023, is now available online. Questions or corrections may be submitted to
National Science Board Applications Open
The National Science Board (NSB) oversees the activities of and establishes policies for the National Science Foundation and serves as an advisory body to the U.S. President and Congress on policy matters related to STEM. Every two years, the Board solicits recommendations for new members. If you are interested in serving or know someone who might be, nominations for the Class of 2024-2030 must be submitted via NSB’s Submissions Portal before May 31st. ACS members may have expertise in several of the areas NSB seeks. Learn more about the Nominations Process and read this Dear Colleague Letter for more information. 
CWD is excited to announce our 2023 Spring ACS CWD Travel Award Winner Woo-Young Kang. Currently a Ph.D. candidate under the direction of Professor Boone M. Prentice in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Florida. Research interests in proteomics, mass spectrometry instrumentation, and gas-phase ion chemistries, including ion/ion, ion/electron, and ion/photon reactions. He is a self-advocate Autistic chemist and a member of Disability Ambassador at the University of Florida.

ACS LinkedIn Learning Membership Benefit 
If you are an ACS Member with a premium package, your membership now includes LinkedIn Learning, an on-demand, online platform that offers thousands of high-quality, expert-led business, technology and creative courses. Learn when, where, and how it works best for you. LinkedIn Learning offers short lessons, complete courses and fully developed learning paths. Topics popular with ACS members include Python, data analysis, project management, public speaking and strategic thinking. If you do not have the premium package, but want to access LinkedIn Learning, consider upgrading your ACS membership. Learn More and Activate Your LinkedIn Learning License. Questions? Contact
Newest Legacy Leaders honored during ACS Spring 2023
rstessema_12-1682431118368.jpeg                                                     rstessema_13-1682431142651.jpeg

      Herb Golinkin                                                                                James Landis

New members of the ACS Legacy Leaders were honored at ACS Spring 2023 in Indianapolis during the Senior Chemists Breakfast. ACS CEO Al Horvath presented a Legacy Leader pin to 63-year ACS member Herb Golinkin (pictured at left with Horvath). Golinkin is a member of the Chicago Section and one of 12 new inductees to the program who was present in Indy. Horvath also presented James Landis with his pin, having been recognized in 2020 during a virtual Legacy Leader ceremony. Landis is a 45-year ACS member in the Detroit Section. ACS Legacy Leaders are ACS members and friends who want to make a lasting impact on the field of chemistry by including ACS in their wills. To learn more about how you can join this esteemed group, go to or contact Mary Bet Dobson at
Correction: In the April issue, this article ran with incorrect membership and local section information for Golinkin and Landis. It has been corrected above.  
Now Accepting Abstracts - ACS Fall 2023 & Spring Regional Meetings
Submitting an abstract for ACS Fall 2023 or a Spring Regional Meeting is an excellent opportunity for chemical professionals and students to showcase their work and connect with colleagues in all areas of chemistry internationally or within your region. Abstracts are now being accepted for ACS Fall 2023, August 13 - 17, the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM), June 9 - 10, the Northeast Regional Meeting (NERM), June 14 -17, the Central Regional Meeting (CERM), June 20 – 23 and the Northwest Regional Meeting (NORM), June 28 -30.
All meetings will feature robust technical programming, networking opportunities, and more! 
Sharpen your Leadership Skills
As a Local Section or Division Officer, your leadership leaves lasting impressions on new and potential ACS members. As the newest generations of chemists become increasingly diverse, it is up to us as leaders to create and maintain a welcoming culture. To help with that, you have exclusive access to the course Transforming Microaggressions into Microinclusions. You will learn how to identify microaggressions, how they impact others, and how you can intervene as a bystander. Over 90% of ACS volunteers that have taken the course would recommend to a colleague! Sign up using your ACS ID. Email for questions.
Career Resources for Industrial Scientists
Help spread the word about a valuable resource for ACS industry members! The ACS Industry Matters newsletter offers exclusive interviews with industry professionals, as well as an insider's guide to working in the chemical industry. Each issue is filled with insightful answers to your questions as a chemical professional and is designed to help you grow and succeed. Explore more and subscribe here. 
The ACS Governing Documents require that require that every four years, the Council Policy Committee (CPC) establish a divisor to determine representation at Council by Local Sections and Divisions. The divisor will be set by CPC at its meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, on March 27, 2023, and will determine the number of Councilors each Local Section and Division will be entitled to for 2024-2027.
At the most recent meeting of the Council Policy Committee, its Working Group on Future Council Representation recommended that CPC select a divisor for 2024-2027 that is aimed at reducing the size of Council while staying compliant with the Governing Documents. This, combined with fluctuations that can and do occur in annual member counts, will result in some Local Sections and Divisions experiencing a loss or gain of Councilors from the current period (2020-2023, which was based on membership counts as of December 31, 2018).
Official notification of the Councilor Divisor and the number of Councilors permitted for your Local Section or Division for 2024-2027 will be sent to you no later than May 1, 2023, as required by the Governing Documents. This decision could affect elections conducted in 2023. Please do not finalize any Councilor slates for 2024 until after you receive CPC’s determination. For more information, read the memo or email
Committee on Committees (ConC):  Update on the ACS Committee Review Process 
ConC is conducting a review of all 31 Council-related committees with the assistance of McKinley Advisors, an external consulting group with deep knowledge of ACS and other organizations in the non-profit space.  ConC would like to provide an update about this initiative: 
  • Interviews were conducted with all thirty-one committee Society Committee Chairs and two of their committee members. An electronic survey was sent to members of ACS, Council, Governance, and Council-related committees. 
  • Membership from council-related committees, councilors, members of governance, and other ACS members were invited to participate in an electronic survey.
  • McKinley completed its benchmarking research.
Results from the interviews, surveys, and benchmarking will provide insight about perceptions of ACS committee experiences, successes, and challenges as well as best practices for DEIR, strategic alignment, performance and engagement, and experiences with governance transitions.  This information will be used to create potential committee models.
  • Focus groups composed of ASC stakeholders will evaluate the committee models.     
  • ConC will be provided with actionable recommendations to enhance and improve its Council-related committee bodies.
ConC believes the recommendations from McKinley Advisors will help us ensure our committees are following general governance best practices, are inclusive, have the efficiency required in decision-making (including avoiding overlapping committee jurisdictions), and most importantly continue to maximize the volunteer experience. The adoption of the recommendations from this review will be contingent on the approval by the Council, with the ultimate approval by the ACS Board of Directors.
Consider making advocacy part of your local section’s sustainability efforts! To encourage ACS members to get involved in sustainability policy issues, the ACS Committees on Environmental Improvement (CEI) and Chemistry & Public Affairs (CCPA) have created a jointly-administered ACS ChemLuminary Award.
The new CCPA-CEI ChemLuminary Award for Outstanding Promotion of the Society’s Sustainability Position S... recognizes local sections for outstanding activities to advocate for, promote, or develop awareness of the Society’s policy statements related to environmental and sustainability issues. Has your local section done government affairs advocacy in 2022 that fits the bill? Self-nominate for the new award! Visit our webpage for more information

As we approach year’s end, the American Chemical Society wishes to thank donors from around the world who faithfully supported ACS Education Programs in 2022. When we ponder how chemistry has shaped our world during our lifetime, we can only imagine the impact that the next generation of scientists will make as they build on our legacy. Thank you for empowering students to join our ranks and make discoveries that will continue to transform our world.


It's that time of year again when most local section elect new officers. Please take a moment to review your local section bylaws to ensure that you conduct elections in accordance with established procedures. An election-only list must be requested from ACS to ensure that only eligible ACS members are participating in your election. Request your election-only list at least 10 days prior to ballot distribution. Questions?
Make Sure Your Candidates Are Eligible to Serve!
Per ACS Governing Documents, only MEMBERS can hold an elective position of the SOCIETY or serve as a Councilor or Alternate Councilor. Community Associates cannot serve in any position of the SOCIETY and Local Section. Local Section bylaws may allow STUDENT MEMBERS, Society and/or Local Section Affiliates to hold an elective position or serve as a committee chair in the Section. Failure to abide by the ACS Governing Documents and bylaws can jeopardize the validity of all decisions made by the unqualified person serving in the position. Check the bylaws! If you need to amend your bylaws, email


The Committee on Public Relations & Communications can make suggestions to your group to help spruce up their digital footprint. Our team of communications aficionados can craft a customized PR plan to increase visibility and connection with your members. We can offer advice on web design, social media, newsletters, programming, networking, and more. If you’re interested in a consultation, contact CPRCMakeovers@gmail.comSubmissions are due each year by May 1 and November 1.
Learn how your local section, technical division, or fellow international chapter can be more engaged with ACS communities worldwide in this C&EN article published by Sergio Nanita, Chair of the Committee on International Activities. 


For those planning event activities for your respective units, please be mindful of any potential risks and liabilities that may arise. This is especially important if the event involves minor children, taking video and/or photographs, use of commercial music, physical/outdoor activities, working with vulnerable populations, or use of volunteers outside of the unit.
It is good practice to have participants sign a liability waiver/release before partaking in the event/activity. Should you have any questions or need further guidance, please contact
ACS is excited to announce that all members of the ACS community will now have access to ACS Link networking platform. ACS Link provides you with a new way to connect virtually with individuals in the global ACS community who are around the corner, or around the world! This benefit is now included in your current benefits package. Have a question? The ACS community might just have the answer.
Please use this form to submit a request for a Certificate of Insurance and send the completed form to to ensure prompt handling of these requests. Certificate requests should be submitted at least 30 days before an event. Requests and/or questions may be sent to
Chemists know how influential their work is to society, but not everyone is aware of these secrets. So tell someone! The ACS National Historic Chemical Landmarks program helps do just this. And now those who speak Arabic or Mandarin can learn about the development of penicillin in the respective languages. There are also six landmarks translated into Spanish.
With an American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) membership, you'll get access to our vast community of teachers who will share their time-tested teaching strategies to help you overcome everyday classroom challenges. Combine that with our massive library of quality classroom resources including lesson plans, demos, and videos and you'll have the tools you need to share your passion of chemistry with your students. Join the AACT community today!