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Careers & Jobs

Careers & Jobs

Careers & Jobs

There is a relationship between careers and jobs as well as differences.  We chemists should aspire to a career in chemistry but any career is usually composed of several jobs or positions.  We can attempt to solicit job postings in Maine but are open to any contributions you the members know of.

As for careers, I’ve prepared an outline of careers in chemistry, what one can do with a bachelors degree in chemistry.  The emphasis is on “alternative” careers.  This is the basis of a presentation given several times to both high school and collegiate chemistry students and can be repeated on request.
Bob Buntrock
Chair MEACS 2012 

Careers in Chemistry

(Or, Is That Chem Diploma Worth Anything?)


Laboratory Research*

            (In most organizations, MS/PhD req. for research as professional; anything less,

incl. BS, will usually result in a technician level position.)



            College/Univ. (incl. 2-year schools)

            High School/Junior High/Elementary

            Training, non-academic


Graduate School/Professional School*

            Chemistry (Biochemistry, etc.)

            Biosciences (Molecular Biology, Chemical Biology, etc.)

            Medicine (Med School, Veterinary School, Dental School, Pharmacy)


            Chem. Engineering


Business (MBA)


Business (esp. chem. engineering, petroleum, pharmaceutical, medical) (MBA, sometimes)







            (all of the above functions, plus programming and other IT functions)



            Technical Information (MLS, sometimes)

            Special Librarianship (MLS)

            Chemical Informatics

            Abstracting/Indexing/Database Production

            Technical Writing


Intellectual Property (patents, trademarks, copyright)*

            Patent Information (MLS, sometimes)

            Patent Agent (courses/examinations)

            Patent Attorney (Law School/Patent Bar Exam)


Entrepreneurship (not usually an opportunity without experience in other organizations)


            *  (may often require Grad School or other education/training)



Refs.: Career Management for Scientists and Engineers, John K. Borchardt, Oxford, 2000

Nontraditional Careers for Chemists: New Formulas in Chemistry, Lisa M. Balbes, Oxford, 2007


(R. E. Buntrock, Orono, ME, 10/21/07, 4/22/12, )

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