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Chapter Awards

Maine Section of the American Chemical Society

Student Awards Program 2024

Purpose: To recognize excellence in student achievement in chemistry at the undergraduate
Eligibility: Nominees must be graduating with a BA or BS in chemistry/biochemistry from
a department that has an approved major. Detailed criteria shall be left up to the faculty of
each nominating institution but shall generally include scholarly achievement as evidenced by
GPA and other measures and promise for research, teaching or other career in chemistry.
Nominations: Up to one nominee per year will be recognized from each eligible 4-year
program in the State of Maine. A nomination letter should come from the chair of the
department and should give the name of the student and include information about the
nominee and the reasons for selection.
Award: The recognition award will consist of a certificate and a $150 cash award. The Maine
Section asks the nominator to work with the nominee to supply a brief biographical sketch
and statement of future plans that can be used in its newsletter and website.
Dates: Nominations should be sent to the Awards Committee Chair by Friday, March 29,
2024. The nomination packets will be reviewed by the Awards Committee. It is preferable
that nominations be sent electronically. We will make every effort to have certificates and
award checks sent by April 15th, 2024 in order to be available for distribution at graduation
or other ceremonies. Please notify the Section of special needs with regards to timing if there
is a ceremony for distribution of awards in advance of this date. Individual letters to department chairs will be forthcoming soon.

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