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Welcome to the Special Interest category! Here you can find groups centered around a variety of topics and shared interests. Find a group you identify with and participate in discussion. If there is no group for you, start one!
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Photos: Spellbinding science: Delta College faculty perform experiments for National Chemistry Week - - St…

The ACS chapter at San Joaquin Delta College, along with the chemistry faculty, celebrated National Chemistry Week in a very special w

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This recent post on Reactions: the ACS Undergraduate blog, highlights NCW for student chapters; covering outreach activities, demos, the Coins for Cleaner Water initiative, and more.

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Dear Expert of natural product

I am new researcher about natural products, I need your help.

I am trying to isolate highly polar compounds. But i cant do that. Can you help me to isolate highly polar compound of aqueous extracts.

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  Hi guys, i am doing my project in a university and i am stuck up with some difficulties. The topic of my project is "stabilization of heavy metals in contaminated soil using xanthan". This project is effected by determining the lead uptake by maize plan

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