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What should we do in a new way for our Student Members?

What should we do in a new way for our Student Members?

We have a YCC in the NY Section.  WE should ask David Cormode, the Chair, to describe their several successful events.

In 2010, the New York Section Long Range Planning Committee had a "Millennials Team."  They focused on students and made recommendations, not all of which have put into practice yet!

  • Use media used by the Millennials themselves.
  • Post FAQ’s useful to Millennials to our NYACS Facebook page, e.g., jobs, internships, grad school info, ACS Career aids.
  • Post links useful to Millennials, e.g., ACS career website and services.
  • Write to Faculty Advisors of Student Chapters (NY Section Chair), and to Undergraduate Research Symposium Advisors.  Ask them to:
    • Get students to join NYACS Facebook page. (Since then, ACS Network has much improved.  We could have a NY ACS Students Group there.)
    • Follow us on Twitter.  Section to Tweet before events,
    • Send summary of Student Chapter’s activities to Millennials Team. Section selects a Chapter each month (an honor!) to describe their activities. 
  • Section send out monthly email highlighting activities of honored student chapter.
  • Form a Committee responsible for Millennials, and communication with them.
  • Hold a Board Retreat on technology, to increase familiarity, comfort.  Address social networking sites, such as:  ACS Network, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.  Have the young teach the less young!
  • Offer a Leadership Training Course for students.
  • Question:  How best to get chemistry students communicating with chemistry students?

In brief, we are trying, not so much to get them to do things our way, as to do at least some things their way!