Forensic Science: Behind the Scenes - Monday, November 14

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North Alabama Section of the American Chemical Society presents 

Forensic Science: Behind the Scenes

Kerri Moloughney

There are a variety of misconceptions about the inner workings of forensic science due largely to how it is portrayed in movies and TV shows. This presentation will offer a glimpse into the operation of a real forensic lab, with an emphasis on the forensic chemistry specialties. From the collection of evidence, to the specialized software and instrumentation used to analyze it, to eventually testifying in court to the results, see how forensic science helps convict the guilty.

Kerri has worked in the forensic science field for over 8 years in both research and casework applications and has a BS in Chemistry from The College of New Jersey, with a minor in Law and Justice.

November 14th, Monday night at 5:30 pm

Old Stone Middle School

2620 Clinton Ave W

Huntsville, AL 35805

The venue is the Old Stone Middle School and there will be a sign on the door directing attendees to a private room for the presentation.  It is important to know that there are several businesses in this renovated old school building including breweries, and at least one restaurant.  All are invited to attend as there is not an age requirement although, like at restaurants, alcohol is available to purchase.  Come to the building on the Straight-to-Ale side and you will see a sign.