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Zymurgy: The Science Behind Beer

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Seminar by Professor Tracy Hamilton, Department of Chemistry, The University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL (USA)

January 29 (Thursday),

Straight to Ale Brewery,

3200 Leeman Ferry Road, SW

Huntsville, AL 35801


6 - 7 pm Social Hour with hors d'oeuvres, southern BBQ (for purchase), and beer (for purchase)

7 - 8 pm Seminar Lecture

The presentation will present the history of brewing, followed by how to brew beer step by step. The chemical processes at each step will be discussed at an undergraduate level, making this topic assessable to students and professionals alike. The talk will be capped off by a list of important flavor compounds (both desirable and undesirable) found in beer. Since the lecture will be held at one of our fine local breweries, those of legal age will be able to put their new found knowledge to test by sampling Straight to Ale products.

Professor Tracy Hamilton (Department of Chemistry, UAB) is uniquely qualified to speak on this topic, being a theoretical chemist by profession and a homebrewer by avocation. A certified beer judge, Dr. Hamilton brings a scientific and a practical viewpoint to the subject.

Now that our governor has signed the Alabama home brewing bill, our state becomes the latest (and last!) to reinstitute the ancient art of homebrewing. No longer must homebrewers skulk about under the radar; they may now openly brew a peck of malt, at least, in dry cities and counties. Anyone with an interest in beer making or beer drinking should attend this lecture.

 Posted by David Newsome on January 8, 2015 at 9:00 AM