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Climate Science Project

Climate Science Project

American Chemical Society 

Presidential Climate Science Challenge Grant Proposal
Climate Science and the Arts
Awarded April, 2013


The Northern West Virginia section of the American Chemical Society (NWV ACS) proposes a Climate Science Toolkit-inspired art competition in the fall of 2013. Artists from the region will compete at four levels (K-8, high school, college and local artists).  After an introduction to the ACS Climate ScienceToolkit (, presented by a trained local scientist or ACS Student Affiliate, participants will be asked to create works of art that illustrate or publicize information found in the Toolkit.  Artist statements accompanying submitted works will discuss the piece and the creation process, including how information from the Climate Science Toolkit was used to inform the process.  Judges will score the projects on specified criteria, including effective use of the Toolkit and accuracy of scientific content as well as artistic merit and creativity.

The competition will culminate in an art opening in the spring of 2014.  Contestants, their families, legislators, and members of the public will be invited to the gala event, where the final chosen works will be displayed.  Interactive climate science activities will also be provided at the event.  The project will be further disseminated on the NWV ACS website and by presentations at national meetings in the art and chemistry communities.
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