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WV Art Standards Alignment

WV Art Standards Alignment

 ACS Climate Science Toolkit Aligned with K-12 Art Standards for WV


Note:  Additional standards will be addressed depending on specific project choices, such as medium used. 



VA.O.K.6.01 explore how ideas and emotions are expressed through dance, music, theatre, or visual art.

VA.O.K.6.02 discuss relationships between art and other disciplines, e.g. illustrations with stories, narrative quilts/storycloths; artworks depicting

weather conditions with science.


First Grade

VA.O.1.3.01 find and examine subject matter and ideas for art through observation of the environment and/or artworks.

VA.O.1.3.02 explore and use symbols in their artwork


Second Grade

VA.O.2.3.01 explore the natural world as possible subject matter for art e.g., people, animals, plant     

VA.O.2.6.01 discuss how a story is told through multiple arts disciplines, e.g., Sendak’s illustrations, opera, ballet.


Third Grade

VA.O.3.5.01 identify different reasons for creating art, e.g., aesthetic, historical, functional, and nonfunctional.


Fourth Grade

VA.O.4.2.09 create contrast/variety in artworks

VA.O.4.2.10 show dominance/emphasis in artworks                                                                     

V.O.4.4.04 create art depicting a current event.

VA.O.4.5.01 describe different reasons for creating art, e.g. religious, economic, political.

VA.O.4.5.02 interpret art that reflects reaction to an event.                                                            

VA.O.4.6.03 explore the influences of literature or current events on art.


Fifth Grade

VA.O.5.1.01 select and use media, techniques, and processes to communicate a personal experience or an idea, using drawing, painting, printing, crafts, sculpture, and/or technology media.                                                                       

VA.O.5.1.02 explain the effectiveness of their choices of media, techniques, and processes to communicate ideas.

VA.O.5.1.03 use media, tools and technology in a safe and responsible manner.                           

VA.O.5.2.12 illustrate dominance/emphasis, or contrast/variety in an artwork.                              

VA.O.5.3.01 communicate personal ideas by selecting subjects or topics in art.                          

VA.O.5.3.02 use subjects, themes, or symbols to construct meaning in artwork.                 

VA.O.5.3.03 use problem-solving skills to make logical choices in selecting subject matter.

VA.O.5.6.02 explain relationships between art and other subjects, e.g., color theory and science, tessellations and math, Baroque art and music.


Sixth Grade

VA.O.6.2.16 use the elements of art and principles of design to effectively communicate ideas.

VA.O.6.6.02 explore how a theme is depicted across multiple disciplines, e.g. war, peace, rituals and politics.


Seventh Grade

VA.O.7.5.01 justify reasons for creating works of art and cite examples, e.g., aesthetic, tradition, preservation, and self-expression.

VA.O.7.6.02 discover ways other disciplines are interrelated with the visual arts, e.g., explore architecture through historical and/or mathematical



Eighth Grade

VA.O.8.1.02 evaluate the effectiveness of their choice of media, techniques, technologies, and processes. 

VA.O.8.2.06 evaluate the effectiveness of using the elements of art and principles of design to communicate ideas.                                                                                                           

VA.O.8.3.03 analyze the effectiveness of choices in creating art relative to subject matter, symbols, and ideas.                                                                                                                        

VA.O.8.5.01 identify a variety of careers in visual art, e.g., architect, graphic designer, educator, industrial designer.                                                                                                                     

VA.O.8.5.04 determine and identify the purposes for creating specific types of art, e.g., public sculptures, photography, computer generated art.

Grades 9-12

VA.O.VAI.3.02 employ subjects, themes, symbols, and ideas in artworks. 

VA.O.VAI.3.03 apply problem-solving skills in the creative process selecting subjects, symbols, and ideas for use in their own artwork.     

VA.O.VAI.5.01 investigate reasons for creating and the function of a variety of types of artworks. 

VA.O.VAI.5.02 analyze and discuss how and why specific works were created.   

VA.O.VAI.6.01 compare and connect the creative processes used in visual arts to other disciplines.

VA.O.VAI.6.02 research and analyze another subject area to identify similarities and differences in comparison with the discipline of visual art.

VA.O.VAII.6.01 select and compare artwork using specific historical issues or themes related to other subject areas.

VA.O.VAII.6.02 apply creative problem solving techniques to produce a multi-disciplinary artwork.

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