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Past Speakers - Archived Activities - NW Central Ohio

Past Speakers - Archived Activities - NW Central Ohio


9/23/2014, Dr. Greg Peters, University of Findlay, Metals in Medicine- Serendipity, Cis-Platin, and Beyond 

10/22/2014, Dr. Ronald Peterson, Ohio Northern University, The Chemistry of Candy Making

11/10/2014, Dr. Jeff Bryan, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, Nuclear Waste


2/18/2013, Dr. Michael Tunick, USDA, Molecules to Mozzarella: The Chemistry of Cheese

2/28/2013, Webinar, ACS, A Date with Science: Dinner and Dessert Chemistry

3/20/2013, Dr. Anita Mattson, The Ohio State University, New Directions in Hydrogen Bond Donor Catalysis

4/24/2013, Dr. Tevye Celius, Ohio Northern University, Dragons, Castles, and Calculations

10/28/2013, Dr. Christine Chow, Wayne State University, Beyond ACGU: Roles of Modified Nucleotides in Conformational Switching of RNA

11/13/2013, Dr. Gregory Domski, Augustana College, Molecular Bushwhacking: Design and Synthesis of Novel Donor Functionalized Mono- and Bisimidazolium Salts, Their Corresponding Ruthenium (II) and Palladium (II) Complexes, and Applications to Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation 



4/23/2012, Dr. Al Hazari, University of Tennesee, A Fun (but Educational) History of Chemistry

10/17/2012, Dr. Joseph Schmidt, University of Toledo, Development of Organometallic Catalysts for Organic Transformations

10/23/2012, Dr. Wayne Jones, SUNY Binghampton, Molecular Wires and Devices:  Nanomaterials in the Modern World

11/28/2012, Dr. Kimberly Broekemeier, Ohio Northern University, Regulation of the Mitochondrial Calcium-Independent Phospholipase A2: Possible Role in Removal of Damaged Mitochondria



 9/26/2011, Dr. Nicole Snyder, Hamilton College, Progress on the Total Synthesis of the Pentasaccharide Repeating Unit of Pneumococcal Serotype 31

10/27/2011, Dr. Thomas C. Werner, Union College, Doping in Sports: How chemists catch the "cheaters" (sometimes)



10/25/2010,  Dr. Gary Christian, University of Washington Seattle, The Ethics of Scientific Writing: How to Write and How Not to Write a Paper



3/16/2009, Dr. Steven I. Dutch, University of Wisconsin Green Bay , The Violent Birth of Planet Earth

4/29/2009, Dr. Carolyn Fisher, McCormick & Co., Inc,  Spices and Herbs: Chemistry & Health

10/5/2009, Dr. Warren Bush, Shell Development Company (retd), Job Hunting in the Twenty-First Century



4/11/2008, Dr. Edward Duliba, Ohio Northern University, Correlating Rheological Measurements and Consumer Sensory Attributes of Skin Lotions Using Factor Analysis

4/21/2008, Dr. Ronald Peterson, Ohio Northern University, Differences in the Methylation of DNA in the Brain – A Window into Brain Disorders

5/5/2008, Dr. Al Hazari, The Universtiy of Tennessee, Chemistry in Comics

9/17/2008, Dr. Jeffrey I. Seeman, SaddlePoint Frontiers , A Human Side of Chemistry: A Portrait of Contemporary Heroes

10/16/2008, Dr. James F. O'Brien, Missouri State University, Chemistry in the Sherlock Holmes Stories

11/17/2008, Dr. R. Paul Philip, University of Oklahoma, Environmental Forensics, or Who Was Responsible for the Spill?

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