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Thank you for Volunteering! Summary of Pilot Project

Thank you for Volunteering! Summary of Pilot Project

Hello! Thank you for volunteering to help us translate our Chemistry Festival outreach material into other languages.

We are currently building a database to help people search for activities by theme, age level, and language. Our ultimate goal is to have all of our outreach materials in the languages spoken in all ACS chapters. First, we are piloting a volunteer translation scheme to see how it works with Arabic, Hindi, and Malay in our child-facing Festival Activity Cards.

How it Works

  • Once we have a team of volunteer translators, that team divides up who will translate which of the 26* activities. One person will translate from English, then two others will review and approve the translation. We ask that you include people from different countries/regions/dialects to ensure we have the most broadly useful material possible.
  • The team members download their activities - either from a DropBox or through this ACS Network Group
  • Each language that we're translating has a "project" page - this is where we ask you to post your translations, link on the right side of the main page.
  • Once you have posted your translation/ reviewed a translation, please put your name in the translated document.
  • Please also track your progress through a tracking table in each project page - these are files everyone can edit directly and are already built for you.
  • If there are any debates or questions, you can start a discussion board to talk with your fellow team members.

Our goal is to have these done by September. This way we can use the translated materials in Festivals this year.

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks again!


* #5 is missing, it was removed after a child in the US suffered severe borax burns when trying to make slime. #7-8 are combined in one file.