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finding small and startup companies

I'm between positiong currently, and would like to find employment with a smaller or startup instrument company.  The question I have is this:

What are some effective ways to locate smaller instrument companies?  Yellow pages, Thomas Register?

What are your ideas?

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Re: finding small and startup companies

Dear John,

I am attaching a draft document which was put together by one of our ACS Career Consultants.  You can also view it online at

Although this example deals with a new grad and her search for employment, the techniques and tools can also apply to mid and late career chemists going through a transition.  Most notably, you may be interested in the use of Google Maps to locate small companies in a specified geographic area.  The article also outline ways that other Google tools can be used to research company employees and finances.

Additionally, I would urge you to try the seach parameters within the ACS Network and the ACS group on LinkedIn to find employers and the people that work for them.  Electronic networks can be very powerful tools.

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