Google map: Chemical Industry in Chicagoland

Google map: Chemical Industry in Chicagoland

What chemistry employers are near where I live? The usual jobs websites say "Greater Chicago Area", but that could still mean a 2-hour commute. Who's really near me? I've lived here 20 years, but I still have little idea what companies are in the area; who are they?

These are the sort of questions that people everywhere who are looking for chemistry jobs would like answered. To address the problem in Chicago, I've been working on a Google Map that locates all the employers of chemists in the great Chicago area (or at least as many as I can find). It's a work in progress, but you should be able to see it at this link:

And I'm going to try embedding it here so you can see what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, it (weirdly) looks like it's impossible to embed the map's legend, so if you wish to see the long list of companies, nonprofits, and government agencies, you have to navigate to the google site.

Here goes the embedding. Enjoy!

- Josh

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