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Finalize Content & Applications

Finalize Content & Applications

As you comb through your existing content, look for redundancies, for outdated content, and opportunities to either combine pages or split them into more than one depending on the information provided and the length of the pages. Delete any information you don’t need and update or rewrite useful content. Consult the writing for the web tips [Link Coming] that we provide to help you think about how to rewrite your content.

A good website has material that people want to read and can be quickly and easily found. If they don’t find the content useful or interesting, or it’s difficult to find they will go elsewhere. The most important part of composing a website is to understand your target audience and its purpose. Before you begin, you should be able to answer these questions:

  1. Whom am I building this for?
  2. What information will these people expect to find?
  3. How useful is it to visitors?

The answers to these three fundamental questions will guide the content you put on your site. Anything that doesn't help your audience get the information you've identified in question 2 is extra and more than likely unnecessary.

Select applications & widgets

In, you will be able to create pages with various functionalities. These include: Calendars, photo galleries, forums.

In addition you will have a bank of widgets available, including RSS feed readers, and news feeds, and polls. Consult the tips on widgets [Link Coming] to figure out what is available and how they can be used on your site. Look at the widget inventory from your current site and decide whether you really need all or any of them. Just because you can add these types of features on your site, it doesn’t mean that you should. Remember, it’s not to your benefit to overwhelm your site users with options; give them only what they need.

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