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A keyword is a word that forms all or part of a search engine query—the word or phrase that Internet users type in a search box when they are seeking information in a search engine.

The goal is to use the keywords that users search to find your pages on your pages themselves. For each page, identify the most important subject of that page and pick words that are specific to that subject.

How to  Determine the Best Keywords

Look at What Users Are Searching on Your site. Web analytics can be a good way to determine what keywords your audience is searching in web search engines that brought users to your content.

Remember, web analytics only show the keywords that have brought users to your site. They don’t show you the unsuccessful keywords that didn’t bring users to your site.

Target Variations of Your Keywords. Be sure you target your content to address the following:

  • Variant spellings
  • Slang, acronyms, and abbreviations
  • Plurals
  • Synonyms

Evaluate Your Keywords. Keywords may have multiple meanings. "Accessibility" might mean "handicapped access" or "website monitoring." "Chips" may refer to the snack food or computer part. Pay attention to keywords used alone or combined with another word. For example, "passport" by itself is likely a search for information; “passport” searched with a location is likely a search for services. Keep this in mind when choosing keywords for a page. Use Keyword Tracking Tools Use Keyword Tracking Tools
These tools will help you find the words that users out on the web are actually searching on web search engines.

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