Technical Questions

Q: How much server space do we get with
A: 5 GB

Q: Can’t we simply migrate our existing site to the new server or will it be necessary to build the site afresh using’s tools?
A: The offering is different than the Membership Server in that it is an integrated webhosting solution (server space + easy-to-use web editing tools and customized features).  The Membership Server just offered space.  Therefore, some of your features will need to be re-entered using the tools.  However, your main pages/content should be fairly simple to transfer (copy and paste) into the template.

Q: Our current site has lots of files, most of which we are keeping for historical value. Do we have to convert all of these?
A:  We recommend that your website house the current up-to-date information and that files being kept for historical value be archived. There are several different approaches to archiving and we have described these on the Webmasters Reference Site.

Q: Will the new servers support PHP/MySQL?
A: Because the service replacing the Membership Server is a comprehensive web-hosting service meant to simplify web administration, one the limitations of the service is that it does not support PHP/MySQL.

Q. Do I have to use the ACS Templates?
A. Yes, as they support having a better website in several ways:

  • Most importantly, the templates contain branding and a common look and feel that complements ACS. Although groups creating websites on this service are usually separate entities from the national office, having a look and feel that complements the national website, helps leverage the strength of the ACS brand.
  • The user experience is simplified. Users are presented with an easy and consistent way to navigate the websites.
  • Finally, the template does contain some code to help ACS better understand the use of your site and to assess the value of paying for such a service.

Q: Will we still be able to edit our sites using HTML/CSS?
A: The sites are designed to be primarily edited through the editor, but the sites can be manipulated to a degree. For example, the web administrator can edit the CSS of a template by going to the Template Editor and choosing "Advanced" in the black navigation bar (however, they must follow the branding guidelines as indicated in the contract).  They can also click on the "HTML" button on the Sitebuilder navigation bar to add their own Custom HTML (this is typically used to paste outside code - like some javascript widget that isn't available in the WidgetBank.

Q:  Can sub-admins be granted access to certain portions of the site?
A: will be releasing the ability for a site owner to give others admin privileges in the near future.  The specifics are still being worked out.

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