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Solar Cars & GoFundMe!

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Be a part of supporting Madison Solar Car Initiative (MadSCI) and sending these students to the Solar Car Challenge at Texas Motor Speedway!

Based at James Madison High School, MadSCI is a team of students, faculty, and advisors designing and building solar cars to further science, engineering, technology, business, and renewable resources.  Each year, they design and fabricate a new alternate energy vehicle and have the chance to take it to Dallas and compete with high school and college/university teams from around the US.  I highly recommend you catch up with them at a future event (check the MadSci website).  This is a group of mature, energetic, focused, intelligent young people who are passionate about what they do and experienced in explaining its intricacies! 

But, they have to raise ALL the funds to BUILD the car AND pay their travel to competition. And this is where we come in - we have the opportunity to help by visiting their GoFundMewebsite and helping them toward their travel goals!

Let's help this team make it to Texas Motor Speedway again each year!