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Can this be made?

Is it possible to create a type of cleaning supply that would soak through a carpet and into the pad below it, destroy the bacteria from, lets sayyyyy URINE?, and dry on it's own after it's done it's job. Which would ultimately leave the carpet free of  filth from the root of the issue? Then a second solution that would condition the carpet making it practically a new carpet that didn't have to be replaced? 

   There a ton of carpet cleaners, but non that eliminate the actual issue. You can't hardly tear up the carpet and sponge underneath it, throw it in the washer, and then put it back. But if there was some type of solution that could soak through, kill the problem, and be left alone, that would be a game changer for pet owners with carpets. 

Is it even possible? 

All I'm saying, is if someone can create it, then let me know so I can buy some from you for my house! 

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