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Help regards to chemistry help forums (or with column chromatography)

It has been some time for me since college. So, I cannot remember what chemistry forums I used to seek for help. 

Currently, I need help in preparing column chromatography. My sample (of plant material) is in 100% methanol. I have analyzed the chemical activity in 0 to 10% methanol. 

I am using a c18 reversed phase silica gel. I am not sure how I should compact it into a 1.5 cm x 5 cm borosilicate glass chromatography column with PP packing reservoir funnels and end caps. According to a  chromatography paper I referenced, for plant sample analysis, 0.1% formic acid is best to use as an eluent in terms of peak shape and intensity. While methanol solutions have been tested in the paper, it did not have the best results. Currently, my goal is not to identify all plant chemicals. My goal is to fraction my plant sample into least diluted fractions as possible. Then, I am to test each elution fraction to see which fraction has the chemical activity I am looking for. 

Due to my tests in chemical activity with methanol, I am not sure if switching to formic acid, acetic acid, or other eluent is the best choice. I also do not know what wash to use so that I can reuse the column. In fact, I feel that I do not know enough about column chromatography to fully prepare a working column from scratch without wasting some materials in the process. Please let me know where I can post the question to get reliable information!

Thank you in advance!

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