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Need an experienced chemist in protein purefication & antibody extraction to make add'l serum for breakthrough cancer research treatment.

RE: Groundbreaking cancer research treatment seeks chemist for protein purification and antibody extraction. The anti-cancer agent may also affect Diabetes.

CHAI Foundation for Medical Research and Life Extension, Inc. (CHAI Foundation), a  fifteen year-old 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has identified an exciting anti-cancer agent designated Protein B(LPN) that affects various cancer sites - including crossing the blood-brain barrier - without the toxicity of current modalities.

It has been found that Protein B(LPN) destroys the cell membrane and the cytoplasm of the cell. This sheds a whole new explanation on how cancer cells are destroyed in the body.

The material enhances the immune system by particularly enhancing Beta cells, causing them to strengthen specific anti-cancer antibodies that attack and destroy malignant cells without harming normal cells. Because of this mechanism, we believe it should also be tested on diabetes. More researchers are beginning to recognize a connection between cancer and diabetes.

We believe the material to be a hormone or autocoid. Down the line, this anti-cancer agent could be synthesized and taken orally. And could become a preventative with future work.

Needed are a chemist in protein purification and antibody extraction, and a veterinarian to inject the anti-cancer agent. This work would be undertaken at the collaborator's own laboratory, and is estimated at several months.

Is this an area you could help us with?


Eroca Daniel, CEO
CHAI Foundation
POB 30603
Phoenix, AZ 85046
Phone:  602-996-6291 (MST)

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