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Use of a Designed Peptide Library to Screen for Binders to a Particular DNA G-Quadruplex Sequence

We demonstrated a method to screen for binders to a particular G-quadruplex sequence using easily designed short peptides consisting of naturally occurring amino acids and mining of binding data using statistical methods such as hierarchical clustering analysis (HCA). Despite the small size of the library used in this study, candidates of specific binders were identified. In addition, a selected peptide stabilized the G-quadruplex structure of a DNA oligonucleotide derived from the promoter region of the protooncogene c-MYC. This study illustrates how a peptide library can be designed and presents a screening guideline for construction of G-quadruplex binders. Such G-quadruplex peptide binders could be functionally modified to enable switching, cellular penetration, and organelle-targeting for cell and tissue engineering. On Peptide Library Design:

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