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An Open Letter to the Chemists.doc

An Open Letter to the Chemists.doc



There are important supplementary materials in the letter


I would like to know if there is any paper published in this regard or further material that I can read.

Dera Ruishi,

Be careful with the definitions and claims of others!  Science in any field is about trying to explain observations.  ALL science is "theoretical"!  New theories that explain some observations better are always welcome, and I am certain that they are also explored by others.  That does not make the previous observations and relationships invalid - simply adjusted.  It certainly neither "proves" nor "disproves" anything, as that is not the function of science in any case.  Even "facts" are subject to observation, perception and interpretation.  If you aim to establish a "Truth" you really aren't going to be doing any Science.

Even the bailiwicks of "truth" discussions haven't succeeded in doing more than identifying some defintions.  There certainly are no universally accepted truths, although there are many different claims to them.  SO, I just want to encourage all further research and theoretical investigations into the understanding of how our universe works.  But I also want to warn against the use of language that is loaded with presumptions, implied accusations and requirements of some fundamental truth.  Let's all continue the exploration together in a helpful, friendly spirit instead of a competitive one.

Best regards,


Dera Steven Cooke:

Thank you for your advice. I have cancer, have no energy to study.Hope someone can continue to study. Science allows the debate. Welcome to provide different opinions. Thank you very much!


Ruishi Fang