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Senior Chemists - staying safer at home

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We normally talk about the Senior Chemists on the Move! on this site. With the current normal, we find that senior chemists staying safer at home. One thing we are doing is lots of Zoom meetings! This is so easy, that we want to encourage local sections senior chemist groups to continue to meet on a virtual platform. Let us know if you need help - we are developing guides for Zoom to make it easier.

Here's one of our subcommittees meeting by Zoom:


We had planned an ice cream social for networking for the spring national meeting and that will now be held in the fall at San Francisco. Our symposium on retirement# is also moving to the fall.

Stay safe!

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Thank you Arlene. Some of us have put our abstracts on the PROF listing (MAPS) for SF, which has our symposium as the last entry ( or it was the last one last week when I submitted my updated abstract.


Ron A.

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