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Support STEM teachers

I would like to encourage my fellow senior chemists to use their professional experience to support STEM teachers.  I believe that this support is of even greater value in the 2020-21 school year.  The possibility of partial or complete virtual education will create major challenges for teachers but can provide an opportunity for STEM professionals to provide support. 


Please go to to get an understanding of what is being done by STEM professionals in the DC metro area and how their support is appreciated.  Many of the Modes of Assistance in our STEM Volunteer Handbook,  can be implemented in a virtual mode and in support of several teachers.  Some examples are assisting in lesson and project implementation and providing PowerPoint or video presentations that are related to the curriculum or to a subject of topical interest.


I urge you to contact the Science Supervisor of your local school district, stating your desire to support STEM teachers.  You should include a brief resume, and a request to look at, to understand how STEM professionals can support their local schools.

Don Rea

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