Welcome to Senior Chemists on the Move 2022

Welcome to Senior Chemists on the Move 2022

As the new, incoming SCC Chair, I wish to render Happy New Year salutations to all Senior Chemists. May 2022 be the best year ever for everyone and may we see COVID19 and its variants decline to negligible levels. I also wish to acknowledge the previous Chair, Dr. Arlene Garrison, for her wisdom and guidance the last three years.

We are never too old to learn and share new ideas, knowledge, insight, and experiences. Therefore, I wish to encourage all Senior Chemists to post interesting and engaging questions and comments on this site. I will begin with what I hope to be a rhetorical question with expected humorous responses. “How many Senior Chemists does it take to screw in a light bulb?”. One possible answer – “Zero. That’s a job for a graduate student”.


Congratulations, Robert! I know the committee will continue to make a difference through a very active approach to ACS collaboration!

If you live in the following areas, please consider donating time to these important STEM activities.

The AAAS STEM Volunteers Program, stemvolunteers.org, needs STEM
professionals to assist K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,
Mathematics) teachers in the DC metro area during the 2022-23 school
year.  Our school districts are Montgomery County, DC, Arlington,
Alexandria, and Fairfax County.
All lessons will be in the classroom, and it is anticipated that masks and
testing will be optional.
If you care about K-12 STEM education and have time to share your
knowledge with students and teachers, please send a note to
bcalinge@aaas.org with your home address.