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Contributor II

Working (??) from home

Readers of the "Senior Chemists on the Move" site who are still in the work force are probably "working" form home like I am. That do you enjoy most? what do you like least?

I am really enjoying Zoom and dressing more casually. Continuous access to the kitchen is a problem for me!

Please add your comments!

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New Contributor III

Re: Working (??) from home

What do I like best - continuous access to the kitchen. What do I like least - continuous access to the kitchen. 

I am retired and spend a lot of time each day in front of my computer answering messages, surfing the internet, planning future travel (harder to do with the ongoing pandemic), addressing various professional and social commitments, etc. Thus, that part of my life has changed little. However, we very much miss the face to face interactions with family, friends, and colleagues and the occasional dining in a nice restaurant. We miss the many professional and social activities that were, by necessity,  cancelled. Nevertheless, we are very blessed - we are healthy.

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