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Do you want to help shape ACS through the work of internal governance and member service?

Call to Service

Do you want to help shape ACS through the work of internal governance and member service? 

SCHB members are invited to submit their online preference for ACS committee assignments in 2021.

If you are an officer in a local section or have part in a regional meeting, you should have an ACS Yellow Book entry. Go to to complete the online preference form, include the requested biographical information, and review/update your contact information. If you do not have a Yellow Book database record, one can be created for you. Contact

Each member is encouraged to submit no less than two, but no more than four committee preferences and qualifications (500 character limit) for each of their choices. The deadline is June 5, 2020. Although not all can be appointed to committees, all applicants will be reviewed and considered. A list of committees is at

Some committees are restricted to councilors, but many are not. The only committees that are restricted to councilors are the Standing Committees (Constitution and Bylaws; Divisional Activities; Economic and Professional Affairs; Local Section Activities; Meetings & Expositions; and Membership Affairs). Membership on Elected Committees (Committee on Committees, Council Policy, and Nominations & Elections) is determined by vote of the Council. All other committees are open. 

Committee work can be at any time, but most is on a regular schedule, including at ACS national meetings. Many committees will reimburse their non-councilor members for expenses to attend a national meeting at an amount equal to 50% councilor reimbursement; for 2020, this is $752.

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