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Seeking/Offering Employment in this Thread Only

Please use this thread for posting your interest in a new job or any job, and your offerings of same.

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Re: Seeking/Offering Employment in this Thread Only

I believe in personal responsibility, mutual respect and integrity. I strive to continuously improve myself through formal learning and life experiences and am dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge that will impact society. It is important to me to share knowledge; as a result, I mentor colleagues to promote their professional growth.

I am a Research Scientist with extensive experience in environmental monitoring and analytical chemistry. My specialties include the investigation of the potential risk of complex cultural objects to pollutants especially in microenvironments, indoor air quality monitoring, identification of natural organic colorants from biological sources and liquid chromatography. I am adept at experimental design and managing collaborative research projects with universities, contract scientists by developing strong relations with partner organizations.

My extensive publication and presentation history illustrates my excellent written and oral communication skills. I collaborate well with diverse professionals and lay people and often act as a mediator / interpreter in multi-disciplinary meetings.


analytical chemist, environmental scientist, research scientist, experimental design, project management, air quality monitoring, indoor air quality, risk assessment, HPLC - liquid chromatography, LC/MS, passive samplers, training, writing, presentations

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