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2020 High School poster Contest: "Sticking with Chemistry" 

2020 High School poster Contest: "Sticking with Chemistry" 



The Southern Nevada Section of the American Chemical Society (SNS-ACS) is again hosting a high school poster contest. This year's theme is "Sticking with Chemistry" and all Clark County, Nevada high school students are encouraged to participate. This contest provides the opportunity to create captivating artwork that inspires others to overcome self-limiting assumptions about chemistry. Additional information regarding SNS-ACS high school poster contests can be obtained by reading the following article Chemistry-Themed Poster Competition. Previous poster contest winners and their artwork can be viewed by following the provided link to our 2018 High School Poster Contest page.


How to Enter  

To enter the Sticking with Chemistry contest, create an orginal poster and upload it to the poster contest entry form link by 8:00pm PT November 3, 2020. The parent or guardian for each participant must sign a media release form and upload the document with their poster entry.


Sticking with Chemistry Submission Guidelines and Rules  

  • Open to all high school students (Grades 9-12) at a school within Clark County, Nevada.
  • Any two-dimensional format is acceptable; including paint, colored pen or pencil, watercolor, marker, crayon, collage, digital or any combination of formats. The Southern Nevada Section of the American Chemical Society (SNS) will not accept three-dimensional artwork.  
  • Each student may submit only one entry. 
  • Artwork must be original and not violate U.S. copyright law.
  • Original art should be no smaller than 8.5 x 11 inches, and no longer than 11 x 17 inches. 
  • This year, submit all art DIGITALLY. Students should take a good photograph or scan of their finished art and submit that as directed below. Photographs should be close and photographs and scans should contain only the artwork in the final image. SNS reserves the right to display the posters and their images as it sees fit. 
  • You must complete the online Poster Contest Entry and Media Release forms for each entry.
  • SUBMISSION DIRECTIONS: A photograph copy of the student art and the Student Information and Media Release must be submitted via this link: Poster Contest Entry Form



  • Total Prizes: $1250
  • Winning Youths
    • First Place Winner - $400
    • Second Place Winner - $200
    • Third Place Winner - $100
  • Sponsoring Teacher:
    • First Place Winner - $200
    • Second Place Winner - $100
    • Third Place Winner - $50 
  • The top 8 runners up will each receive $25.
  • SNS-ACS will announce winners by December 1, 2020


Selection Criteria  

In addition to artistry and creativity, judges will consider the use of this year’s theme (Sticking with Chemistry) in determining winners. A broad interpretation of the theme is acceptable for submissions. Judges will also consider proper chemical depictions as well as appropriate safety equipment and apparel use in the judging process. 

SNS will announce winners by December 1, 2020 and host an online awards ceremony at 6:30 pm on December 4, 2020


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