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Past Winners of the CCSD High School Poster Contest

Past Winners of the CCSD High School Poster Contest

2023 - Posters Winner: Chance Belcher; Second: Emma Kearney, Third: Kara Audlee

2022 - Posters Winner: Vincent Ancheta; Second: Naomi Flores; Third: Brinyn Levi

2021 – Posters Winner: Aleena Khan; Second: Muzhgan Ashrafi; Third: Runzhi Hu

2020 – Posters Winner: Aleena Khan; Second: Cristina Valdivia; Third: Ammarah Khan

2019 – Posters Winner: Kayla Vo; Second: Keilly Gevara; Third: Talia Chernesky

2018 – Posters Winner: Lucy Lim; Second: Nhan Nguyen; Third: Christian Salazar

2017 – Posters Winners

2016 – Posters Winners

2015 – Posters Winners: Christy Adaya; Second: Ashley Armenta; Third: Rileigh Sorenson

2014 – Winners

2013 – Posters Winner: Sooyoun Kim; Second: Ashley Armenta; Third: Kayla Upton

2012 – Posters Winners: Shadow Ridge High School; Second: Southeast High School; Third: Foothill High School

2011 – Posters Winners: Elizabeth at West Career & Technical Academy; Second: Carly at Foothill High School; Third: Abigail at Valley High School