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I am one of the founders of the Pioneer Valley Biochar Initiative with a website that may be found at and is cencered at Belchertown, MA and interacts with the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. We are concerned with the production and use of biochar which mar serve to:

1. Sequester atmospheric CO2

2. Aid agricultural growth

3. Reduce fetilizer needs and run-off

4. Provide a use for farm and forestry waste

5. Restore depleted and/or contaminated soil

6. Reduce need for water for agricultural irrigation

7. Render small farms more self-sufficient and serve as a secondary energy source

I was co author of a paper on this presented on Aug. 26 ant the Symposium on "Black Carbon" at sessions of the Environmental Chemistry Division of the Boston ACS meeting.  I shall be happy to offer copies of the PowerPoints used for this presentation and of related papers and videos.  For more information, please contact me at <> or by phone at 413-549-0245. A pdf file of a pdf of the ACS presentation is attached as well as one of URL's of some of my postings on the web.

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Re: Biochar

This is one way to go. Fight the desert. Resavageisation another one. Even the Bloombox is an advance.

But it´s worth fighting CO2,

your sincerely,

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