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Innovation can make chemistry sustainable, what is your opinion?

Fast Company image Thomas Friedman To United States: Innovate Or Else

The blockbuster author and New York Times columnist talks with Fast Company about his new book, "That Used To Be Us," which contends that prioritizing innovation can turn around America's free-fall from superpower status.  Click through to this Fast company article and videos and capture the thought and see how we can apply the innovation principles.

We as chemists believe in Friedman's five pillars.  Follow his video at the bottom of the article to a quick study if you have not yet read the book.  Then how can we do the required innovation.  The place where sustainablity comes in in my opinion is that we need to do more with less labor, so we will lose jobs in the short term, but our ingenuity will allow us to automate and capitalize on the computer to do more with less.

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